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CottonWood Studio

Gear List

20231109_141301 (1)_edited.jpg


All house kits are Gretsch

Gretsch Broadkaster 

18”x14” Bass Drum 

12”x8” Tom 

14”x14” Floor Tom 

Gretsch Catalina Club “Rock”- 

26"x16" Bass Drum 

13" x 9" Tom 1 

16" x 16" Floor Tom 1 

18" x 16" Floor Tom 2 

6-1/2" x 14" Snare 

Gretsch Catalina Club “Jazz”- 

18”x14” Bass Drum 

14”x14” Floor Tom 

12”x8” Floor Tom 

14”x5” Snare


Catalina Club Rock 

Catalina Club Jazz 

Tama 9” Side Snare 

Tama Imperialstar (steel) 

Ludwig Marching Snare

Shot with Canon 60D using a 50mm lens, n

Kick Pedals

**Different beaters available upon request**

Gibraltar double kick 

Ludwig SpeedKing (vintage) 

Pearl (generic) 

Ludwig (generic)


19” Zildjian Constantinople Crash/Ride

14” Zildjian Constantinople Hi-Hats

13” Sabian B8 Hi-Hats 

20” Tama Ride 

12” Wuhan China

14” Zildjian Hi-Hats (unmarked)

14” Paiste PST5 Hi-Hats 

14” Zildjian ZBT Hi-Hats 

14” Zildjian Avedis Mastersound Hi-Hat (bottom only) 20” Sabian Rock Ride 

18” Sabian Medium Crash 

16” Sabian Medium Crash 

16” Zildjian ZHT Crash

Drumset in Concert_edited.jpg
person in black shirt holding brown wood




Rain Stick 




Washboard ;) 

Triangle w/ heavy beater


Korg LP380–Full 88 Key, Weighted Keys–Digital

Electric Piano_edited.jpg
Amplifier and Guitar_edited.jpg

Guitar Amps

1966 Fender Bandmaster w/ Original Cab
Vox AC15 Handwired w/ 12” Celestion AlNiCo Blue
Bugera Vintage V22
Cab 1- 12” Warehouse Retro 30
Cab 2- 15” Jensen MOD Design
(many amps in repair shop at the moment)

Bass amps

TC Electronic 15” 

Peavey TKO 15” 

Fender Rumble 15” 

GK 2x12”


Various instruments and other gear are available upon request. We can almost always make anything happen.

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