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For those who will crawl over broken glass to make music 

Or at least those who are willing to invest in it!

Tom Frear

A virtuosic guitar player and percussionist, Tom is known for his session-lead work and specialization in rock, country, and soul. Drawing inspiration from his former teacher Mike Casey, son of Wrecking Crew members Al Casey, and Charles Carey, Frear has a wide spectrum of musical styles and abilities that he pulls from in his playing. Tom was mentored in college by Dr. Sandy Schaefer, another accomplished studio musician who in the past has worked with bands such as the Temptations. Frear has been producing and engineering music at Cottonwood Studio since 2019. He is a multinational producer and has recorded and performed with groups and individuals from across the United States.

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Sometimes things happen fast. Within four years we've recorded artists with hundreds of millions of Spotify streams and those who tour across the country. We're hoping to add Grammy award winning artist to our proverbial trophy wall. Maybe that will be you! 

Cottonwood Studio is a full featured audio recording studio featuring all hempcrete construction, the first of its kind in the world. Musicians of all genres come here to record their masterpieces. 

How do Recording Studios Work

In general...

A recording studio is a place where musicians, podcasters, poets, and other recording artists go to record each layer of their music. After each instrument or aspect of their work is recorded, the engineer takes the best of each element, blends them, balances the levels to make one cohesively and beautifully mastered recording. 

Recording studios are designed and built to optimize the quality of sound. Intentional decisions are made by the owner during the building process to create to highest sonic properties. We're the only studio in the world built with hempcrete which is known for optimal sound quality. 

Sound engineers, like myself, have dedicated their lives, resources, and educational years to mastering the craft of sound recording, mixing, and mastering. We've put in the work to master instruments, recording software, and mastering engineering skills. We know the minutia and nuanced details that are needed to get the best recording for every type of sound. Just like how a photographer knows how to put their subjects in the best light and delivers photos with the best editing, that's what we do with sound. It's our job to make the session as relaxing, productive, and succesful as possible. 

Not all recording studios are created equally. Choose wisely.

How to work with our studio

1. You're a seasoned musician with a few notches under your belt. You've mastered your craft and built at least somewhat of a following or perform for audiences who dig you regularly (not just for mom and dad). 

2. Decide what services you need. Head to our list of services if you're unsure. Have new music to record? We can take you from the raw recordings to streaming on Spotify. If you have previously recorded material that could use some sprucing we can mix or master your music, podcast, or poetry. Need us to record on location? Yep, we can do that. 

3. Fill out our booking request form. We'll get back to you ASAP and get you on the books. Tell us what you need from our gear list.

4. Show up on the right date and time (super helps out). Please bring your songs. 

Our thoughts on music & the industry

It’s all BS. Stay true to yourself and create art. Don’t sell out.

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