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An (actual) one-of-a-kind studio in the midwest that blends your unique, personal sound with the pleasing sonic properties of the space. Pretty much, our studio is built to make your music sound REAL good!

Check it out, we're the only recording studio in the whole WORLD built with hempcrete, which creates a high acoustic performance.

 Find us in Aby's Seed & Feed, a historic building in downtown Rapid City, SD


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Your next single or EP is probably cheaper than your rent! 

Really makes you think doesn't it? We're not suggesting you record with us instead of keeping a roof over your head. Though like most of us, there's probably nothing you wouldn't do for music. If you've got music you know people love to hear, we want to record it and encapsulate it in its best form...

Bands & Artists who record with us *Humble Brag*

Beats 4 you

So here's what we got for ya...


Take your next EP or album to the next level.  Our studio is built with hempcrete, which means recording with us makes your music just sound better.


Ya, we know, everyone and their dog walker has a podcast. But recording yours with us will make you sound extra profesh and build your trust factor with your audience.


This is when we take all the recordings from the session and level them out. We engineer your music to the level of perfection we expect for our personal music. 


Spoken word and classic poetry are welcome here. Don't keep your expressions to yourself, record them for the people who need to feel what you have to say. 


This is when we cross t's, dot i's, and get the whole thing ready to be blasted across the airwaves and all the different music mediums.

Offsite/Mobile Recording

Listen we get it, working from home is full on awesome. So is recording your art where you feel the most yourself. We can come to you and make your recording dreams come true.

Not a pro yet? We got you...

Lessons for Aspiring Musicians

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Cotton Wood Studios (5).png

Want music that gets heard?

Reach out, let us know what you need, and we'll chat about partnering to record some legendary tracks.

Booking Request
How did you hear about us?
What are you interested in?

We're sure glad you're interested in recording with us! We'll be in touch soon.

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